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General Event Questions

What is the minimum age to compete?
Your age is calculated as at 31 December 2023, and the minimum age differs by race.

– Minimum age for the Busselton 100 – Individuals is 18 years old
– Minimum age for the Busselton Foreshore Triathlon – Enticer is 12 years old; Sprint is 14 years old
– Minimum age for the SunSmart Kids Triathlon – Short Distance 7 years old; Long Distance 12 years old

Where can I find the TA Race Competition Rules?
Please visit the Aus Triathlon Website.

I didn’t get a confirmation email after registering.
Please contact the office as it could mean the registration is incomplete or the email address may have been entered incorrectly. We can help! Call our team on (08) 94439778 or email us via

How can I get involved as a volunteer?
We love our volunteers and would be glad to have you. Please contact the office or email or signup via the website here. All are welcome, and donation-based volunteering opportunities are available for community or school groups.

When do I rack my bike and check in?
BUSSELTON 1OO & AQUABIKE PARTICIPANTS – You will need to attend the day before the race to check in and rack your bike in transition. Your bike must be in transition before close. Registration and bike racking will not be available on race day. You must attend in person as photo ID is required and your pack cannot be picked up by anyone else. Please check the event schedule and athlete guide for exact timings.

BUSSELTON FORESHORE AND KIDS RACE PARTICIPANTS – Your bikes cannot be racked before Race Day. All bikes must be racked on race morning. You can pick your race pack up at any of the registrations times. Please check the event schedule and athlete guide for exact timings.

Where can I find the course map for my race?
Updated maps for the 2024 event will be provided on our website in the leadup to the event. They will also be available in hardcopy on event day at the registration area, and in the Event Village. Course maps will also be in the athlete guides.

When will the athlete guide and start lists go up?
1 month prior to event date. Keep an eye on our socials, your emails and check the website.

This is my first Busselton Festival of Triathlon, what should I bring?
Please see the athlete guide for your event which is published 1 month before event day, or call the office for specific advice. Some general advice is below.

BUSSELTON 100, FORESHORE, AQUABIKE: Bike, bike shoes, bike pump, bike repair kit (spare inner tubes, tools to remove tyres or fix loose chains etc), running shoes, tri-suit or bathers/athletic wear, goggles, wetsuit (always bring one with you, as the call about wetsuit mandatory/optional is made on race morning when the water temp is measured by officials), filled water bottles, any nutrition products you want to use, safety pins, band-aids and blister patches, a towel, a race belt if you don’t want to use the pins, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. We do not recommend bringing any valuables (e.g. jewelry, phones, wallets, keys). You can’t use headphones or phones while racing, but you may wear a watch that tracks your activity (e.g garmin). You may use your own timing straps.

KIDS TRIATHLON: Goggles and bathers (you can wear a rash shirt), bike, bike helmet, running shoes, singlet or t-shirt (if the torso isn’t covered by bathers), socks, filled water bottle, towel, sunscreen and sun hat. It’s also a good idea to have a small personal race kit that you take to all events. This little kit would contain things like a basic bike repair kit (for flat tyres and loose chains), spare tyre tube, bike pump, safety pins, and Band-Aids.

SPECTATORS AND ANIMALS: Please make sure any spectators you bring along wear adequate sun protection (slip, slop, slap), and bring filled water bottles and snacks for themselves. Any young children must be well supervised. Any dogs must be well behaved and leashed at all times. Any droppings in and around the event area are to be picked up immediately. While Barnard Park is a public space, animals are not permitted on course, in recovery, transition or starting areas. Please be mindful of athlete movements when taking animals or young children through pedestrian crossing points as bikes can come through the course extremely quickly.

Can I wear watches and jewelry while competing?
Yes, but we do not accept any responsibility or liability for losses or damage incurred to your personal property during the race.

Where can I buy triathlon equipment or wetsuits?
– Running Shoes: Keep on Running (Floreat / Applecross/ Online)
– Tri suits, Cycling kits and Wetsuits: SCODY (Online), Transition Wear or XTR Multisports
– Bikes: Your local bike shop should be able to help you find a suitable bike.

Do you have any discounts on accommodation?
Visit here for all available accommodation deals.

If an event sells out, will there be a waitlist?
At this stage there will not be a waitlist.

Is this event an IRONMAN event?
No, the Busselton 100 is owned and run by Triathlon WA and is no longer part of IRONMAN. The Busselton Festival of Triathlon has always been owned by Triathlon WA and at one stage was run under a license agreement with IRONMAN which has now been mutually terminated.

Will this event still have slots to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships available?
No, as it is no longer part of the IRONMAN series of events it is no longer a qualifying race.

My bike or equipment was damaged on course / lost property.
We do not accept any responsibility for damaged or lost items, however any lost property that is handed in to our staff will be kept safe. To check lost property, please talk to event staff on the day or contact the office after the event via email Lost property will be kept for up to 2 months after the event, after which time any unclaimed items will be disposed of.

I didn’t receive my race pack or there is an item missing – help!
Please return to registration or go to recovery race day. If you have damaged your swim cap there will be spares at the swim start. If you have lost your timing chip please contact our staff immediately.

Membership and One Day License Questions

I became an Aus Triathlon member AFTER registering. How do I add this to my entry?
Please email and let our team know your TA Number as soon as possible. Any changes need to be made prior to online entries closing. Unfortunately we are unable to refund your one day license fee.

My membership number isn’t validating in the registration system! Help!
Check the following things:
– Are you a Standard or Premium Member (not Basic or Social)? The system will only validate Standard or Premium members.
– Do all your details on the registration form match those on your GoMembership Profile (Full name, address, DOB etc.)
If none of the above solve your issue, please give us a call on 08 9443 9778.

What level of membership do I need to register in the Early bird?
Standard and Premium Triathlon Australia membership, as it covers racing insurance.

What level of membership do I need to avoid paying a One Day License?
Standard or Premium Triathlon Australia membership. If you hold Basic or Social membership you will need to pay the ODL.

If I register a team and am a Standard/Premium member, but the other members are not do we need to pay a One Day License?
Yes, you do need to pay an ODL. If even one member of the team is not a TA member, an ODL must be paid. If all members of your team are Standard/Premium members then no ODL is required. Please note that you only pay for team entries once all members are entered in the system. The team pays together, not separately.

If I register a team, do I pay multiple One Day Licenses?
No, you pay one license for the whole team. This is because only one member of the team is on the course at any time. Please note that you only pay for team entries once all members are entered in the system. The team pays together, not separately.

My membership number is not working in the system.
Check that you have input TA in front of your membership number. If this still doesn’t work check that all of your personal details are correct and match those registered with your TA GoMembership profile; Full Name, Age, DOB and Address. If this still doesn’t work, please contact the office and we will help you with your registration – 08 94439778 Monday to Friday.

Busselton 100 Questions

Is the event a State Championship?
Yes it is the State Long Course Championships for Triathlon WA members. Please see the TWA website for more info on the State Series:

Do you have a category for para-triathletes?
Yes we do! We regularly have athletes competing using handcycles or tandem cycles, so the course is definitely suitable. Please contact with your specific needs or questions and we will do our best to make your experience a great one.

What’s the time limit for each leg in the Busselton 100? (Information from 2023)
From the wave start, not from the race start:
Individual Swim time – 1 hour 15 mins; Individual Bike 4 hours 45 mins total race time (swim + bike); Individual Run – 7 hours 15 mins total race time (swim+ bike+ run).
Teams Swim; time – 1 hour; Bike 4 hours 30 mins total race time (swim + bike), Run 6 hours 45 mins total race time (swim + bike + run).
All runners must commence their 3rd lap of the run before 2:45pm

What Busso 100 finisher merch will there be?
All Busselton 100 participants will receive:
– Finisher Medal & Towel
– Finisher Tee or option to donate to our charity partner
– Trophies for the Category Winners & the State Long Course Champion Race – 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Can I rack my bike and pick up my race pack on Race Day?
For the Busselton 100 and AquaBike, all race packs and bikes must be racked prior to transition close the night before the race. See the athlete guide and event schedule for full details.
Busselton Foreshore participants can pick up race packs and rack bikes on race morning. See event schedule for full details.

Is there a bike mechanic in transition and on-course?
Still confirming for 2024, but yes there should be one in transition.

Can I use my headphones or smart devices while competing?
No this is a safety issue and is against TA rules. No headphones (including bone conduction), smart devices, mobile phones etc are allowed to be used during competition.

Withdrawal policy and process
– Busselton 100
– Busselton Foreshore
– Kids Triathlon

Please email if withdrawing as we require a written request for our records.

Junior Participation Questions

Which events can my child compete in?
Age is calculated as at 31 December 2023.
– 7-11 years: SunSmart Kids Triathlon (Short Distance)
– 12-14 years: SunSmart Kids Triathlon (long distance) or Foreshore Triathlon (enticer 12-13 years, sprint 14 years+)
– 15 years+ can compete in the Busselton Foreshore Triathlon sprint distance. 18 year olds may participate in the Busselton 100 as individuals.

What level of supervision do juniors have while on course?
We have friendly, helpful staff and volunteers on course. Kids will be well supervised across all legs of the race.

What is included in my child’s race pack?
Swim cap, race numbers and safety pins.

What do I need to bring?
Goggles and bathers (you can wear a rash shirt), bike, bike helmet, running shoes, singlet or t-shirt (if the torso isn’t covered by bathers), socks, filled water bottle, towel, sunscreen and sun hat. It’s also a good idea to have a small personal race kit that you take to all events. This little kit would contain things like a basic bike repair kit (for flat tyres and loose chains), spare tyre tube, bike pump, extra safety pins, and Band-Aids.

What kind of bike does my child need?
A standard road bike or mountain bike will be fine. Basically, any kind of standard kids bike will do for SunSmart kids races. The bike must have operational breaks and be in good, safe working order. If in doubt, speak to your local bike shop for advice.

What is the family wave?
The family wave is an option in the Short distance kids triathlon (7-11 years). In this wave one (1) parent or guardian is allowed to assist their child during swim, transition and the run leg. The adult does not pay a fee, and can swim and run alongside their child. Adults may not cycle alongside their child as having adult bikes on the kids course is a safety issue. This is a great option for kids who haven’t quite got the swim, bike, run skills to compete alone yet but want to have a go.

Refund, Withdrawal and Deferral Questions

What is the refund policy? Can I get a refund if I am injured/change my mind?
The refund policy for each event is outlined below. Please read the T&C when you sign up for the event.
Busselton 100 Terms & Conditions
Busselton Foreshore Terms & Conditions
SunSmart Kids Triathlon Terms & Conditions

What is the transfer policy? Can I transfer my entry if I get injured/change mind?
No transfers are available. Team changes are available but you cannot swap out all team members as that is counted as a transfer. Please refer to the relevant event Terms & Conditions above.

Expo, Media and Sponsorship Enquiries

Please contact the Commercial Operations Manager on 08 94439778 or email