Busselton Foreshore Triathlon


Busselton Foreshore Triathlon
Barnard Park, Busselton
Saturday 4 May, 2024
Ages: 12 years + (as at 31/12/2023)

Team and individual options available!


Enticer: 200m Swim, 8km Bike, 2km Run (minimum age 12 years old, as at 31 December 2023)
Sprint: 750m Swim, 16km Bike, 4km Run (minimum age 14 years old, as at 31 December 2023)

The Busselton Foreshore Triathlon sells out every year, so if you’re thinking of racing be sure to sign up early to secure your spot!


Teams can be made up of 2 or 3 people. In a team of 3 people: 1 person swims, 1 person bikes and 1 person runs. You each take turns so that only one person is on course at any given time. In a team of 2 people, one person does 2 legs of the race and the other person does one. If you want to do all 3 legs of the race, you’ll need to enter as an individual. When registering your team, make sure to assign each person their role. You’ll pay for the team once ALL team members are in the system and have roles assigned. During the race you swap over in transition. On the last lap of the run leg, all team members can meet at the ‘team meeting point’ to cross the finish line together!


ENTICER DISTANCETA Member PriceNon-Members
General Entries Tier 1 (Early bird)$55$59.50
General Entries Tier 2 (Standard)$65$69.50
Teams$65 per team$69.50 per team
SPRINT DISTANCETA Member PriceNon-Members
General Entries Tier 1 (Early bird)$70$82.50
General Entries Tier 2 (Standard)$85$97.50
Teams $85 per team$97.50 per team

Cost listed above is in AUD, and is inclusive of entry fees and one day licence for non-members. Price listed EXCLUDES Register Now booking fee of 5.5%, calculated at checkout.

Pricing is inventory-based according to slot quantities and will automatically increase when capacity has been filled. There will be an automatic increase to Tier 2 pricing at 12:01am (AWST) on 01/11/2023 if this Tier is not reached prior.

Entries close Wednesday 17 April 2024. Late entries may be offered subject to availability. Late entry surcharge fee will be charged.