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SunSmart Busselton Festival of Triathlon

The SunSmart Busselton Festival of Triathlon provides brands with the opportunity to interact directly with more than 1,500 athletes and 5,000 spectators. This is a fantastic way for brands to reach their target market and is the perfect opportunity to recruit new customers or strengthen relationships with existing clients in the most cost-effective approach!

The opportunity to exhibit at the SunSmart Busselton Festival of Triathlon extends across not one, but three days! The event village will be open to spectators from Friday 29 April right through to Sunday 1 May 2022, with opening hours varying as below.

  • Friday 29 April, 9am-7pm
  • Saturday 30 April, 7am-4pm
  • Sunday 1 May, 7am-11am (optional)

The expo sites consist of an open plan frontage with rear backing and side panels, perfect for brands to deck it out themselves. All expo sites will include the below, with the option of additional extras.

  • Front signage (to include brand/business name)
  • Overhead strip lighting
  • Electricity (strictly no use of high-power drawing equipment such as heaters and kettles, adequate power for laptop, tills, EFT machines etc)
  • 1x trestle table
  • 2x chairs

Additional extras include trestle tables, chairs, wall displays, pro flooring, signage installation across the event site event stage announcements, virtual event bag inclusions, big screen inclusions and MC announcements.

A 3×6 marquee is $1,100 and a 6×6 is $1,500. 

If your brand would be interested in exhibiting at the SunSmart Busselton Festival of Triathlon, please contact us via email at events@wa.triathlon.org.au. Please note that all applications to exhibit are subject to approval as the event has many loyal sponsors and certain products may create a conflict of interest.