Busselton Festival of Triathlon

The Busselton Festival of Triathlon, presented by Global Advanced Metals, provides brands with the opportunity to interact directly with more than 2,000 athletes and 5,000 spectators through exhibiting at the Health & Wellness Expo in the Event Village. This is a fantastic way for brands to reach their target market face to face across the entire weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

Expo sites range from 3x3m to 6x6m and consist of an open plan frontage with rear backing and side panels, perfect for brands to deck it out themselves.

  • Front signage (brand/business name)
  • Overhead strip lighting
  • Electricity (strictly no use of high-power drawing equipment such as heaters and kettles, adequate power for laptop, tills, EFT machines etc)
  • Trestle table/chairs
  • Promotion – list of retailers provided online and via race commentators at the event
  • Logo included on big screen in event village

Also available to exhibitors is the opportunity to provide virtual event bag inclusions to competitors, and advertisements on the big screen.

For further information, contact us via email at events@wa.triathlon.org.au.