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Star Physio - Focus on the Start Line Webinar


If you're a TWA member or a SunSmart Busselton Festival of Triathlon entrant, join Star Physio WA from the comfort of your own home for a FREE online webinar.

Get the top tips on race preparation from Star Physio's expert team and give yourself an edge this season!

 Focus on the start line, not the finish line!


Too many triathletes worry about what time they are going to finish in and forget to make sure they hit the start line in great shape! Join the expert Triathlon Team from Star Physio for the latest information and evidence on injury prevention, load management and performance from the comfort of your own home!

Topics to include:

-Safe increase in training kms and intensity. What does the evidence say?

-Running technique and shoe choice. What is the latest?

-Cycling position and aerodynamics. Is lower faster and how can I be comfortable on a tri bike?

-Weights training for triathletes. Why this is the best bang for buck time you can put into your training calendar!

-Opportunity for questions at the end of the presentation with a special deal for participants!


Wednesday 12th August, 7.30 -8.30pm online.

Register here  https://forms.gle/B6zRfoDgtdF9QjB18