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Aid Stations


There will be TWO bidon (bottle) exchanges on the bike course. The first will be on Tuart Drive just after the left hand turn onto Tuart Drive from Layman Road.  The second will be on the return journey on Layman Road just after the right hand turn from Tuart Drive. Both aid stations will be on the left hand side of the road.

An area to discard your empty bidons will be set up prior to the the bidon exchange, on the left hand side of the road. After the left hand turn on to Tuart Drive and just prior to the right hand turn into Layman Road. 

There will be WATER and E3 Champion Formula Electrolyte available in different colour bidons at the Exchange. 

Please take extreme care of volunteers and fellow competitors at the Bidon Exchange. If you are discarding and/or receiving a bidon, please slow down on approach and move to the LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD to allow other participants a clear course to pass on the right. Participants are reminded to slow down to ensure you secure the item you require. Participants are also reminded the Bidon exchange and Aid Station is manned by local volunteers who are generously donating their time. 

During the Pedal Mafia Bike Course, please only discard empty bidons at the disposal area before you reach the bidon exchange to receive a full bidon. Competitors found discarding bidons on the course other than at the disposal area may receive a penalty. Please note: there is no provision for the return of any personal bidons. 

Drinks will be dispersed in the following order – please ensure you slow down and call what you want loudly and clearly. 


There will be five (5) Aid Stations per lap situated on the run course.

The first Aid Station will be located on the western side of the Equinox restaurant (heading west)

The second Aid Station will be on Geographe Bay Road on the corner of King Steet (heading east)

The third Aid Station will be in the car park opposite Gale Street (heading east)

The fourth Aid Station will be east of the Volunteer Sea Rescue building (heading east)

The fifth Aid Station will be next to registration and the finish/lap line (heading south)


The following products will be available in the recovery tent

  • E3 Champion Formula
  • Pro4mance Bars and Gels
  • Water 
  • Cola 
  • Muffins          
  • Fruit



Event Survey


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