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Surviving the Funky Trunks Swim

 Surviving the FUNKY TRUNKS Swim

Surely you want to do more than just survive the swim? The key to your best race is get through the swim in a great position with as little fatigue as possible. You’re probably as fit as you’re going to be, so now is the time to work on those things you can do on race day that will help you bust out a great swim leg.


It might be early and it might be cold, but a great stretching routine on race day will serve you well. Tightness through your shoulders and lats will shorten your stroke which means means more strokes and therefore more effort. Develop a great stretching routine that works for you and stick to it.....and hold those stretches for at least 30 seconds!


Hopefully you and your wetsuit are well acquainted and you know exactly where it is going to irritate you. Around the neck opening is the most common spot, so lather up with the cream of your choice but make sure it’s not going to ruin your wetsuit!


Get out on the course for a warm up with your wetsuit on. The layer of water that you’ll get inside the suit will help it move over your body better. Make sure your goggles are clean and clear and check out the marker buoys – they’ll often look a different colour through the tint of your goggle lens. Familiarise yourself with the course layout and then once you’re warm, stay warm!


So the race is underway. Don’t go too hard too soon, settle in to your rythym and aim to keep some space between you and all the flailing feet and arms around you. Check the course marker buoys frequently, don’t just follow the pack – if they veer off course, it could cost you minutes! If there is a swell, look forward at the top of the swell so you can pick your line to the next buoy. Aim to build your intensity through the swim (but save your legs!) and push hard through the last 500m.

Ok, you’ve nailed a great swim leg – transition 1, here you come!