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Athlete Check in



Friday 5 May: 12pm - 5pm at Barnard Park Busselton or

Saturday 6 May: 9am - 5pm at Barnard Park Busselton.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot register outside of these advertised times.

Registration will take place in the Main Marquee, Barnard Park Busselton. Car parking is available at CHURCHILL PARK with access from BROWN STREET. You will require Photo ID to register.

Registration Process:

1. Sign the Athlete Waiver:

These will be available on tables as you enter the main marquee. Please sign and take with you before lining up to register.

2. Present photo ID to REGISTER:

Upon presentation of your photo ID at the registration desk, you will be given your race pack which will contain all requirements for the race. It will include the following items:

  1. Race Number. It is MANDATORY for all participants, whether competing as an individual or in a team, to wear the race number on the RUN LEG. Participants are advised to purchase a race number belt prior to the event. Safety pins will be supplied at Registration for those participants without a race belt.
  2. Bike Number. This must be placed on the seat pillar of your bike prior to bike check in, with the numbers stuck back to back and extending behine the seat pillar so to be visible to all race officials during the event. DO NOT MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR BIKE STICKER - If the bike sticker is not in the exact condition that it is provided at registration you will not be able to enter the transition area.
  3. Helmet Number Sticker. These must be placed on the front, left and right hand side of your helmet.
  4. Electronic Timing Chip. Timing of the event involves an electronic chip encased in a material ankle band. You must activate this chips and ensure the correct mane is displayed before leaving transition. On race day this is to be worn on your LEFT ankle. Do not lose or forget your timing band on race day - you will not be allowed into transition without these. Limited replacement chips and bands will be available, however, any lost timing bands will incur a fee of $55 for the chip and $5 for the strap.
  5. Swim Cap. You will be provided with a coloured swim cap that corresponds to your wave number. It is compulsory to wear the cap provided during the swim.
  6. Athlete Wrist Band. Competitors will have their wristband placed on their wrist during registration. It is your responsibility, at bike check in and on race day, to wear the wristband. entrance to the transition area will be subject to participants having the wrist ID securely fastened to the wrist.
  7. Bag & Bike Pump Tag. These are to be used on the bag provided to you at athlete check in. No other bags will be allowed into the Bag Compound Area. Bike pumps will be stored separately to bags and are not to be placed in bags. Please plan ahead using the stickers and bag provided to ensure that you can store your bag in the secure area on race day.


3. Collect your Race Bag:

Once you have collected your race pack and wrist band you then move to the race bag table where you will collect:

  • Race Bag including promotional items and gels
  • Finishers Shirt
  • Water bottle
  • Promotional items


4. Activate Timing Chip:

Before you leave the Registration Marquee it is ESSENTIAL that you activate your timing chip by crossing the timing mat and checking your details, which will displayed on a screen provided. If there is any issue with the chip or your details there will be timing personnel there to assist you.

If you do not start the race or pull out of the race for any reason you must return the Timing Chip to the Drop Out Clerk located at Bag Compound. Please make sure if you do hand in your chip you record your name on the lists provided.

5. Bike Check In:

Saturday 6 May 2017 between 9am and 5pm only.

You are not permitted to check your bike in on race morning.

Once registered, you are required to check your bike into transition for the race. The bike number supplied in your race pack, must be attached to your seat pillar with the numbers showing behind the pillar prior to bike check in. Competitors are responsible for ensuring their bikes and helmets are in safe working order before presenting to transition to avoid rejection.

Technical Officials will carry out a cursory inspection of your bike. No bike will be accepted unless it passes the inspection. This is an extra service for the competitors and is NOT a guarantee of safety.

Officials will be checking for such things as:

  • End plugs on handle bars
  • Tyres in reasonable condition
  • Brakes in working order
  • Compliance with Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rules

All race numbers will be allocated a bike rack. There will be a separate transition for Individuals and Teams. Race numbers are allocated in Category order so you will be in a similar area to all other participants in your category. Participants are requested to rack only in the designated rack space for your race number.

All accessories and/or event requirements should be removed from the bike until race morning.  No helmets are to be left overnight in transition.  TWA takes no responsibility for lost or misplaced accessories. You will be able to go to your bike on race morning to pump up your tyres, place your drink bidons and any other race gear you require.

The transition area will be secure and monitored from the start of registration Saturday 6 May until 5pm on Sunday 7 May 2017.

Helmets will be checked on Sunday morning as athletes enter transition.  Please ensure your helmet is on and clipped up as you enter.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot remove your bike from transition on race day for a cycle warm up.


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