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Aid Stations

Due to insufficient numbers of volunteers, changes have been made to the bike and run aid stations for the 2017 SunSmart IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton.


There will be one Bidon Exchange on the bike course.This will be on the return journey on Layman Road just after the right hand turn from Tuart Drive. An area to discard your empty bidons will be set up prior to the the bidon exchange, on the left hand side of the road. This will be prior to the right hand turn into Layman Road. The pick-up will also be located on your left hand side. The Aid Stations are located at the following points on the cycle course: 32km and 77km

There will be WATER and ENDURA REHYDRATION PERFORMANCE FUEL available in different colour bidons at the Exchange. 


Additional unmanned hydration collection points will be located at the Penalty Boxes at the 20km turnaround and Carey Street. These will be a stop, collect and go collection method as there will be no volunteers to hand out bottles.

There will be no aid station on Tuart Drive as previously advised.

Please take extreme care of volunteers and fellow competitors at the Bidon Exchange. If you are discarding and/or receiving a bidon, please slow down on approach and move to the LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD to allow other participants a clear course to pass on the right. Participants are reminded to slow down to ensure you secure the item you require. Participants are also reminded the Bidon exchange and Aid Station is manned by local volunteers who are generously donating their time. 

During the Bike Course, please only discard empty bidons at the disposal area before you reach the bidon exchange to receive a full bidon. Competitors found discarding bidons on the course other than at the disposal area may receive a penalty. Please note: there is no provision for the return of any personal bidons. 

Drinks will be dispersed in the following order – please ensure you slow down and call what you want loudly and clearly. 

WATER ------------  ENDURA HYDRATION ----------------- WATER

For the bike course map click here.


There will be four (4) Aid Stations situated on the run course. 

  • Ford Street Aid Station - This will be a double sided aid station which will allow athletes to collect fluids and nutrition on both the outwards and retun legs of each lap. It will be located approximately 300m east of the original Sea Rescue Aid Station.
  • Morgan Street Aid Station - This will also be a double sided aid station for use on both the outwards and return legs of each lap. It will be located approximately 500m from the run turnaround.


All Aid Stations supply the following:

For the run course map click here.


The following products will be available in the recovery tent

  • Masters Choc Milk
  • Water 
  • Cola 
  • Cookies 
  • Fruit



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