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Surviving the Bike Course

So you've got through the swim and now your out on the famous Busselton Bike leg.  It's not just known for being flat and fast.  It's also beautiful and scenic as you ride past farms, forrest and ocean.  But don't get too distracted.

Get your nutrition in!
It’s important to use the time on the bike leg to keep fuelling your body. Remember to also consume that extra bottle if it’s a warm day so you’re going into the run in the best shape possible.

Due to the flat nature of the Busselton bike course there aren’t any points where you’ll need to naturally get out of the saddle to climb. At a few points throughout the ride shift into a heavier gear and get out of the saddle, streching your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. This will make the transtion to run much easier.

It is obviously key in an event like this. If it’s a windy day you can work harder into the headwind sections and conserve energy when riding downwind. Remember, there’s still a 21km run to follow so be smart with your effort and leave something for the last leg. Good luck!