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Q: What is the cost to register a team?

A: There are two pricing tiers for teams, these are as below. During registration the team captain will be asked to create a team name and password, they will also be asked to make the payment in full on behalf of the team. Once they have done this, the remaining team members will be able to join the team through the registration link, using the team name and password.

Registration Tiers Entry Fee Active Fee TOTAL
Tier 1 - TA member teams ONLY, from September 4 2019 $460 $36.80 $496.80
Tier 1 - Non TA members, from September 10 2019 $460 $36.80 $496.80
Tier 2 - From March 21 2020 $480 $38.40 $518.40


All athletes within the team must have a Triathlon Australia membership to race. If not all the team members have a Triathlon Australia membership, the team captain will be required to purchase a one day race membership during registration. The cost of a ODM is $27 in total ($25 fee + 8% Active fee).

Q: What is the process to register a team?

A: Teams must first nominate a team captain, the team captain will be responsible for registering the team and making the payment on their behalf. The team captain will need to create a team name and password, remaining team members can then use these details to join the team. All team members must register as a member of the team prior to October 2 2020 and will be required to select their nominated team legs.

Q: What is the process for a team member to register for an existing team?

A: Team members can register for an existing team by selecting the “join a team” option within the registration system. They will need to ensure they have the team name and password and they will be required to create their own Active account.

Q: Can a participant switch from an individual entry to a team entry?

A: Yes, however they can only do this online up until October 2 2020 and they will be required to pay the difference in price between their current entry and the team entry. Individuals wanting to change their entry to a team entry must email events@wa.triathlon.org.au.

Q: What is the withdrawal policy for teams who are no longer able to participate?

A: The withdrawal policy for the event can be found here.

Q: What is the transfer policy for team members who can no longer participate?

A: Teams are able to transfer team members in/out of the team online up until the cut-off date of October 2 2020. If you would like to transfer one of your team members in/out of the team, please email events@wa.triathlon.org.au with the relevant details and appropriate contact number.

After October 2 2020, transfers can only be made during registration check-in where both the team captain and transferring team member must be present. All changes made during registration check-in will incur a fee of $20 which must be paid prior to the changes being made.

Q: Are two person relay teams permitted?

A: Yes, however all legs must be completed (ie. one team member must complete two legs). Team members can complete the race with any combination of legs.

Q: Can a two person relay team later add a third member?

A: Yes, however they can only do this online up until October 2 2020. To add a third member, the team must email events@wa.triathlon.org.au with their request and must state which leg this third member will be completing.

Q: Can a three person relay team later change to a two person team?

A: Yes, however they can only do this online up until October 2 2020. To remove the third member, the team must email events@wa.triathlon.org.au with their request and must state which member will now be completing the third leg.

Q: Can a participant be part of two relay teams if they are completing two different legs?

A: Unfortunately not, team members are only permitted to be part of one relay team.

Q: Do all team members need to be the same age or gender?

A: No, teams can be comprised of a mix of gender and ages but all participants must be a minimum of 18 years on race day.

Q: Are all team members required to attend registration check-in?

A: Yes, all team members are required to attend the registration check-in to sign the participant waiver and collect their event pack.

Q: Does each team member receive a timing chip?

A: No, the team will only receive one timing chip and this will act as a “baton” between team members. Team members are required to pass the timing chip from one member to another during transition and they must ensure that the timing chip is worn by all active members during their event leg.

Q: How does transition work?

A: The team Swimmer will meet the Cyclist at their bike. Here they will take off their timing band and hand it to the team cyclist who must put it on their left ankle. Only after the timing band is attached may the team Cyclist get their bike and exit the Transition. Once the team Cyclist has finished they will head to rack their bike, once they have done so, they may hand the timing chip to the team Runner, who will put it on their left ankle and exit transition. 

Q: Is there a team specific wave?

A: There will be a designated wave for team swimmers only, this will be released closer to the event. It is crucial that team swimmers start within their correct wave and start time.

Q: What are the cut-off times for teams?

A: All relay teams are expected to complete the course within 6 hours and 45 minutes and must meet the below cut-off points.

Swim: 1 hour

Bike: 4 hours and 15 minutes from relay swim start

Run: 6 hours and 45 minutes from relay swim start

All teams that fail to meet these cut-offs will receive a DNF (did not finish).

Q: If one of the team members fails to meet their cut-off, can the remaining team members still complete their leg of the event?

A: Yes, however the team will still receive a DNF (did not finish) as a result.

Q: Can all team members cross the finish line together?

A: Yes, however only registered team members are permitted to cross the line together (ie. no friends or family are permitted). If only the runner crosses the finish line then they will need to ensure that they collect the finish medal on behalf of the remaining team member(s).

Q: How are the category awards allocated?

A: Awards are allocated based on the top three finishers in each relay team category – first, second and third Female, Male and Mixed teams.

Q: Are teams eligible to qualify for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships?

A: Unfortunately not.