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Below are the details for 2021 SunSmart IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton. 


Cutoff times on swim course:

  • INDIVIDUALS: 1 hour 10 min
  • TEAMS: 1 hour 

There will be wave starts in the swim to reduce congestion amongst swimmers and to minimise congestion on the bike course. All participants will be asked to know their start wave and time, and make their way to the swim start compound on the beach. Wave starts will be released closer to the event.

The swim is a one-lap, 'M' shaped course, commencing in front of The Goose, alongside the historic Busselton Jetty.  The swim heads out alongside the jetty for 400m, before a right hand turn sends the swimmers east for 50m. Athletes will then make another right hand turn, swimming 500m towards shore before exiting the water to run around a marker before heading back into the water.  Athletes will then swim away from the shore, making a right hand turn after 400m, swimming 50m east, making another right hand turn to then swim 500m to the swim exit in front of Barnyard Park. A run up the beach takes athletes into Transition.       

Those wanting to warm up for the swim are requested to do so on the western side of the main jetty. Each wave will be invited into the start area before their wave start. Competitors should only enter the start area via the back of the fenced area and ensure they cross the timing mats – this is to ensure all swimmers are accounted for and everyone starts in the correct wave.   


Please see information in the rules and regulations section regarding the use of wetsuits.


Cutoff times on bike course:

  • INDIVIDUALS: 5 hours total race time.
  • TEAMS: 4 hours 15 minutes total race time.

The bike is a TWO-LAP course.

The bike leg exits the transition area at the southern end of Barnard Park directly onto Marine Parade heading east. A turn left onto Carey Street is followed by a right turn onto Geographe Bay Road where the course continues to for approximately 3km. Cyclists will then follow Guerin Street across Marine Terrace to Navigation Way where they turn right, arriving at the roundabout athletes turn left onto Layman Road.

The course continues along Layman Road through the Wonnerup town site before a left turn onto Tuart Drive. The course continues along Tuart Drive for approximately 10km where they will complete a U-turn and retrace their route back to the Layman Road roundabout, where it continues back along Layman Road. A right turn onto Carey Street directs athletes back into town before a left turn into Marine Terrace signals the approach to the end of the lap. A u-turn at Brown Street roundabout takes athletes back past the Bike Exit point and onto lap 2.

At the end of lap 2 athletes will continue all the way around the Brown Street roundabout and dismount before the dismount line on the lefthand side before entering Transition.


Cutoff times on run course:

  • INDIVIDUALS:7 hours 30 mins total race time
  • TEAMS: 6 hours 45 mins total race time 

The run is a 3 lap course along Geographe Bay.  This year the western end turn around will incorporate a loop through the event village giving participants two opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere of the village. 

Participants will exit transition and turn LEFT (New for 2020!) making their way out onto Geographe Bay Road. Runners continue straight on, along the coastal path, as Geographe Bay Road turns left. Passing the swim start on the right and The Goose on the left, the course then runs across the end of the Busselton Jetty. Past the Equinox restaurant and continuing along the coastal path alongside Geographe Bay Road. As the road veers off to the left and becomes King Street, the athletes will cross the road and entrance to the Geographe Bay Yacht Club, staying on the path. Upon crossing Wattle St the participants doing a U-turn and head back along the same path towards Barnard Park.

To finish the lap all participants run past the run exit point on Geographe Bay Road until they enter the car park of the Sea Rescue Building. Participants then run on the footpath to a u-turn point at Ford road. After passing Milne St on the way back participants turn left between Barnard Park and the Barnard Park Pavilion before turning right at the footpath. At the completion of the first and second laps participants will turn right and run along the side of Transition, through the event village and back onto Geographe Bay Rd to commence their next lap.

At the completion of the third lap, participants veer to the right before they pass the Pavilion, entering Barnard Park and the finish chute to cross the finish line.